Lactation Support

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a member of the perinatal healthcare team with specialized skills in lactation care and management. 

  • Plan to nurse before your baby is born. Put lactation in your birth plan and share it with your provider and hospital staff.

  • take 2-3 prenatal education classes and get prenatal lactation education from several sources. 

  • Nursing takes time and practice. Be patient as you and your baby get comfortable with lactating. Ask for help when you need it. 

  • Most birther can start chestfeeding within 1 hour after giving birth. Nurses and lactation consultants can help you get started.

  • Feed your baby only human milk for at least 6 months. Learn your baby’s feeding cues so you know when they are hungry and ready to eat.


When to Seek Professional

Breastfeeding Help

You need help if:

  • You have ANY chestfeeding concerns

  • You are concerned your milk supply

  • You feel your baby is not getting enough milk

  • Your baby cries all the time

  • Your baby sleeps all the time

  • Your baby sleep more than 5 hours a night in the first 2 weeks

  • You have sore, cracked nipples

  • You dread nursing because your nipples hurt the entire time

  • Your baby does not latch 

  • Your baby does not have 3 or more yellow, runny stools by day six

  • Your baby has not regained birth weight at 2 weeks

Vanessa Hanible, IBCLC

Certification: L-303854